Revolutionizing Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease

Healium Intelliscan's AI-PoCUS is a pioneering technology in clinical practice, as it non-invasively detects chronic kidney disease in its early stages and provides predictive insights into its causality.

Developing Solutions for Global CKD Epidemic

Innovative Al-Driven Ultrasound

Al-powered Ultrasound offers real-time support and quality evaluation, enabling healthcare professionals of all skill levels to perform high-quality renal ultrasounds.

Revolutionizing Early CKD Detection

Detects Chronic Kidney Disease from its earliest stage but also identifies the root cause. By leveraging digital biomarkers.

Advanced Renal Health Diagnostics

generates patient-specific perfusion models and constructs three-dimensional representations of the kidney, enhancing precision and clarity in diagnosis.

State-of-the-art algorithms and clinically validated digital biomarkers

AI-Powered CKD Biomarkers
Personalised Perfusion Modelling
FDA 510(k)

Healium Ultrasound Device for CKD Detection and  Management

Optimize CKD detection and management with the Healium Ultrasound Device, merging superior AI technology with clinical precision


Enhanced Visualization

Leveraging AI to create detailed ultrasound images that reveal intricate kidney structures, facilitating the early detection of CKD.


Dynamic Scans Analysis

Utilizing AI for real-time processing of ultrasound videos, allowing nephrologists to observe kidney function and flow dynamics in action for precise CKD monitoring.


Predictive Analytics

Deep learning algorithms analyze ultrasound data to predict CKD progression, enabling proactive treatment adjustments and better patient outcomes.


Scalable Screening

Our technology scales to meet the needs of growing patient populations, ensuring that high-risk individuals receive timely CKD screening with AI-augmented ultrasound.


Secure Data Handling

State-of-the-art encryption and privacy measures protect sensitive patient data generated from ultrasound scans, maintaining confidentiality in CKD diagnosis and treatment.


Knowledge Empowerment

Crafting specialized educational materials that elucidate the predictive capabilities of AI-powered ultrasounds in CKD, empowering patients with knowledge for proactive disease management.


Continuous Care

Utilizing AI to monitor CKD markers in ultrasound data, triggering timely alerts for critical changes, ensuring prompt intervention and individualized patient care plans.


Intelligent Insights

Advanced AI algorithms process and analyze ultrasound imaging data to uncover hidden patterns and trends, providing deep insights into CKD detection and progression risk factors.

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