Shaping the Future of Health: Pioneering AI in the Fight Against CKD

Unveiling the potential of AI to transform kidney care, we're dedicated to advancing CKD detection and management for a healthier tomorrow

Our story

Let's embark on the journey of

How it all started...

The Dawn of Innovation

In the heart of 2020, our company was born from the shared vision of Dr. Biju Jacob and Neeraj Kumar. Their journeys merged at the prestigious Entrepreneur First (EF) program in Singapore, fueled by a mutual passion to revolutionize global access to medical diagnostics via pioneering AI solutions.


Setting New Standards

The year saw the unveiling of our groundbreaking AI prototype for precise CKD detection. This innovative launch set a new benchmark for early and accurate disease prediction.


Seizing Success

A pivotal moment unfolded as we secured seed funding, strengthening our commitment to advancing CKD care solutions.


Pioneering Precision

We took a giant leap forward in CKD detection and care with the introduction of our advanced AI-integrated Ultrasound Device.


Achieving Milestones & Commitment

We reached a significant regulatory milestone by submitting our AI-enhanced Ultrasound Device for FDA 510(k) clearance, striving to comply with rigorous safety and effectiveness standards. This submission echoes our unwavering commitment to offering trusted, clinically validated tools for comprehensive CKD management and patient care.

Our Vision

At the core of our endeavors lies a commitment to integrating artificial intelligence with medical expertise, propelling the fight against chronic kidney disease into a new era. We strive to craft pioneering AI-ultrasound technologies that transcend conventional boundaries, offering breakthrough precision in CKD detection and management that enhances patient care and outcomes.

The Leadership Team

Dr. Biju Jacob

CEO, Co-Founder

Neeraj Kumar

CTO, Co-Founder